National Park, the debut collection of poems from Emily Sieu Liebowitz, is not just something to read ~ it’s something to hear. Liebowitz is sending fractured radio waves like letters or songs across the great expanses that exist between coasts, people, articulation, and meaning. These poems seem to hover just above us, forcing us to meet them on a higher plane of language. In the world of this work, feeling and knowledge become synonymous.



Ted Powers

Five Poems

We have stethoscopes / and listen to images.

Francesca Lohmann

Taffy VIII

It’s all temporary, made to be cut up and shared and consumed

Jennifer Hayashida with Benj Gerdes

A Machine Wrote This Song Book Trailer

Kate Lindroos

Five Poems

Of course anything killed is naturally imagined / as larger

Samuel Ace

Two Poems and a Reading

through the air into the pond where I search for a mirror and some softer chalk a surface so pliable

Becca Klaver

Four Postcards

I'm all identification & no desire: is that what you've been trying to say?

Jess Alberg

One Poem

You almost asked. / I almost said.

Leslie Patron

Three Poems

We stroke the taut veil of the throat.

Stacey Tran and Minh Nguyen

In Conversation

What are these plants surviving through?

Elizabeth Dunham

Three Poems

there’s / a daisy in the midwest i really miss.

Eric Amling


Ross Robbins

Three Poems

Like anger that / melts into grief, and always, always / paperwork.

Norma Cole

Pardon Me

What to do with all those dead ends?

Leena Joshi

Three Poems

the phone always / rings twice in heaven

Joel Felix

Four Poems

we lost much today / we don't want to know

Jane Wong

Two Poems

that whimpering bridge / from brain to heart

Rae Armantrout + Kate Greenstreet

Poem + Video

stunned by all that had been, evidently, intended

Cicelia Ross-Gotta

I Love You Are You Okay

i just want to know / that you're OK

erica lewis

Seven Poems from mahogany

but i feel love / for you right now / like quartz / laid down / in bands

Title Quantity Price