[A] collection of miniature fairy tales full of bewitching vegetables, silent contracts, and unlikely transformations. You’re seduced by the silliness of odd images, but the tenderness that peeks out at you between the lines is what keeps you reading.


Samuel Ace

Two Poems

through the air into the pond where I search for a mirror and some softer chalk a surface so pliable

Becca Klaver

Four Postcards

I'm all identification & no desire: is that what you've been trying to say?

Jess Alberg


You almost asked. / I almost said.

Leslie Patron

Three Poems

We stroke the taut veil of the throat.

Stacey Tran and Minh Nguyen

In Conversation

What are these plants surviving through?

Elizabeth Dunham

Three Poems

there’s / a daisy in the midwest i really miss.

Eric Amling


Ross Robbins

Three Poems

Like anger that / melts into grief, and always, always / paperwork.

Norma Cole

Pardon Me

What to do with all those dead ends?

Leena Joshi

Three Poems

the phone always / rings twice in heaven

Joel Felix

Four Poems

we lost much today / we don't want to know

Jane Wong

Two Poems

that whimpering bridge / from brain to heart

Rae Armantrout + Kate Greenstreet

Poem + Video

stunned by all that had been, evidently, intended

Cicelia Ross-Gotta

I Love You Are You Okay

i just want to know / that you're OK

erica lewis

Seven Poems from mahogany

but i feel love / for you right now / like quartz / laid down / in bands

Twenty-Eight Poets

Weekly Gramma 09242017

I'm sorry your eagle has landed in the wrong yard

Jennifer Hayashida + Emily Sieu Liebowitz


Work from Gramma's 2017 Open Reading Period Winners

Allen, Escalante, Allen, Barry, Jain, Jackson, Lawless

Weekly Gramma 07292017

I'm perfectly happy to tell you about my knife

Richard Chiem

One Poem

cereal / at a weird / time of day

Title Quantity Price