Born in the capital, Panama City, on November 17th, 1932, Dr. Diana Morán led a life of social, sexual, and political activism that saw her arrested and exiled while still winning the country’s top prize for literature. A poet, union leader, professor, critic, and historian, Morán’s indelible if obscured legacy in Panama remains her ardent advocacy for feminism, the cultures of the isthmus, and a holistic appreciation of art in its myriad forms.


What is sacred, what is beauty, what is tragedy, what rites of passage have we endured to be initiated into the complexities of our humanity? Anastacia-Reneé’s words frame so many questions, read like ritual, read like nursery rhymes, invoke ancestors and Becky alike in a nuanced honest reflection of this time in life.


Rae Armantrout + Kate Greenstreet

Poem + Video

stunned by all that had been, evidently, intended

Cicelia Ross-Gotta

I Love You Are You Okay

i just want to know / that you're OK

erica lewis

Seven Poems from mahogany

but i feel love / for you right now / like quartz / laid down / in bands

Twenty-Eight Poets

Weekly Gramma 09242017

I'm sorry your eagle has landed in the wrong yard

Jennifer Hayashida + Emily Sieu Liebowitz


Work from Gramma's 2017 Open Reading Period Winners

Allen, Escalante, Allen, Barry, Jain, Jackson, Lawless

Weekly Gramma 07292017

I'm perfectly happy to tell you about my knife

Richard Chiem

One Poem

cereal / at a weird / time of day

Al-Samarrai, Gallo-Brown, Truslow, Raza, Konopka, Menzies, Chandel

Weekly Gramma 07132017

How many days this time have we eloped here, / but not enshrined love, here?

Kelly Schirmann

Three Poems

Eventually / The New World split itself / between ideology and action

Shane van Hayden, Deborah Poe + Hassen Saker

Weekly Gramma 06282017

Anastacia-Reneé + Donald Dunbar

from (v.) and Safe Word

your baby pigeon is out in the world

Anton Yakovlev

Ten Poems

Geraniums survived—or so you said— / much longer than our corrugated slam.

CL Young


I see the idea of an alphabet.

Alice Notley

Live from Seattle Arts & Lectures

I had to make the entire history of literature exist in me in order to be able to do anything at all

Fields, Valentine, Spahr, Koeneke, Harper

Weekly Gramma 05152017

What's the point of poetry?
Lol, I don't know.

Stacey Tran

Excerpts from Soap for the Dogs

Adult man / pours milk / into beer mug / / / / / / Satisfaction

Graham Foust

Seven Poems

an endlessly-drawn-out sarcastic-ish kiss / at water making new pictures possible

Amaranth Borsuk

Elegy facing crochet holes and knit slubs with running stitch

of you

David Mucklow

One Poem

In knowing home waters / you know we cannot claim them

Title Quantity Price