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Established in 2016, Gramma was an independent poetry press based in Seattle. Gramma was an offshoot of Western Bridge, a contemporary exhibition space, which existed in Seattleā€™s SODO District from 2004 to 2012.

As of January 1, 2019, Gramma will no longer be active as a publisher or arts organization. From its conception, Gramma was part of a collaborative social and artistic practice that produced poetry books and poetry-related events; as members of this collaboration make space for new and continuing projects, we felt compelled to end this iteration of Gramma.

Since taking over the press from founding editor Drew Swenhaugen in January 2017, our main mission has been to have a positive impact on the way people interact with poetry, making it as visible, accessible, and diverse as possible. Over the past couple years, Gramma has hosted dozens of readings in our physical space; two large-scale reading series events; published nine innovative & best-selling collections of poetry; put on gallery shows; organized and funded a city-wide international art exhibition; published hundreds of artists, writers, and poets in our online zine space, Weekly Gramma; produced a risograph newsletter, Monthly Gramma; and collaborated with countless community organizers in a myriad of ways. Gramma has occupied a unique and vital spot in small press publishing, one that allowed us to see our work as a large overarching publishing project, affording us the chance to experiment with different platforms and mediums as they relate to poetry and poets. We are very grateful to every person who was a part of this.

It is our intention that our titles will continue living out there in the wide world beyond Gramma. To this end, we are happy to announce our partnership with Black Ocean Press, who will be absorbing all of Gramma's backlist and continuing forward with our books as their own. We are poets and artists ourselves, and it is of the utmost importance to us that the work by our authors persists in book stores and galleries around the country.
Gramma was located in the Tashiro Kaplan Arts Building in Pioneer Square, where we shared a collaborative and interdisciplinary space with Mount Analogue and Cold Cube Press.  

All photography by Melissa Kagerer

Our offset printing was done with Thomson-Shore, Inc.
Any Risograph editions were printed in collaboration with Cold Cube Press

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