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  • Colleen Louise Barry
  • Aidan Fitzgerald

Established in 2016, Gramma is an independent press that publishes a diverse array of poetry, both online and in print. Gramma is an offshoot of Western Bridge, a contemporary exhibition space, which existed in Seattle’s SODO District from 2004 to 2012.

Weekly Gramma is an online poetry, criticism, and visual art series. Subscribe to Weekly Gramma to receive new work in your inbox on the regular.

Offset printing done with Thomson-Shore, Inc.
Special Risograph editions printed in collaboration with Cold Cube Press
Screen printed products done in collaboration with Jesus Mary Anne Joseph
Distribution through Small Press Distribution

Gramma is run out of ZZZ, an independent art and work space. Located in the bottom floor of the Tashiro Kaplan Arts Building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square Historical District, ZZZ hosts monthly art openings, as well as various other art and literary events throughout the year.

For academic, library or review copies of Gramma titles, programming queries, shipping issues, author information, or general questions, please contact us below, or write to:

Gramma Poetry
300 S. Washington St., Unit Z
Seattle, WA 98104

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