airplane – a powered flying vehicle

Dusk comes smoothing cloudtops
I regard my empty cup I
accept potential death and also
aforementioned clouds all shadow-bruisy.

But different to have come this far
and feel now not relief with fizzing water
plastic cup and logoed napkin    No
Instead just turbulent  a tourbillon my gut

becoming as if wheels had snapped a fiery ball
just moments past when first I knew (and I knew first)
The wreck come racing back and searing mouths
in waxy quiet, blisters packing gauze in throats

on everyone, their babies, too, all colic silenced—click!—the phone
screens black The gathered, weeping  Kingdom come.  Exeunt.

mimicry - the art of imitation

The moment is slit and gutted, its skin
pinned on a more impactful past
example. You are sitting across a table
for two from no one (intestinal swirl of
cream in coffee) worth mentioning. At
the reception there was an ice bird,
ostensibly a swan. Someone sawed and
chipped until it showed. Like anger that
melts into grief, and always, always
paperwork.  Funeral  flowers  are selected
to die not long after the casket’s closed.
Fully bloomed, soon to droop.

classifieds – small, categorized newspaper advertisements

Today scooting every
where I dig my toes
through grass I am checking
Craigslist for free things
this poem will not change
the world will not earth
quake the ground crack
to share with every
one for free  no ad
posted, no, but come who may--

I begin to break
the lines until I find
they are one word
like rose or salad
they eat too much
space expands into itself

Ross Robbins

Ross Robbins is a poet and painter based in Portland, Oregon. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bombay Gin, Hobart, Ampersand Review, and Forklift, Ohio, among many other lovely journals. His publications include I WANT TO SAY HOW I FEEL AND BE DONE WITH IT FOREVER (Bone Tax Press, 2013), ALL IN BLACK BLOOD MY LOVE WENT RIDING (Two Plum Press, 2014), THE BOOK OF DEFINITIONS (Atomic Theory Micro Press, 2017), and THE THREE EPs (Two Plum Press, forthcoming).


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