of temperate hue, bound between or easterly of
elderberry, or else elegy    else cloister of pine

a welter of disrobing thoughts, once transcribed
in the margins of, in lights    in pectore and light

these your breasts, allayed, a new genus of ache

[textual note]

[psalm] is taken from a gathering of poems collectively titled "Ten Thousand Psalms," thirty-six of which have been bundled together to comprise one part of a new manuscript, I made for you a new machine and all it does is hope. Beyond some few formal requirements, these poems were made in accordance with some rather specific compositional rules/restraints. The English word psalm has its origins in the Greek word for to pluck, which idea is always somewhere in the air around the project as a whole as well as each individual poem.

Richard Lucyshyn

Richard Lucyshyn lives in Richmond, VA with his wife, their two young children, and two rescued dogs and a cat. He currently teaches Poetry at The College of William and Mary. A chapbook of poems, Geoffrey Tungsten's Grievesome River, was published in February of 2016 by Sybil Press and is currently moving into its third edition.


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