Aubrey Gates King

Four Poems

Bill looked into / the customerʼs eyes / with accidental sincerity

Lee Herrick

Three Poems

Maybe the next passenger will know / what I do not: 64 down, five letters, Purpose.

Joseph Mains

One Poem

By a wave of hands / let’s say who is happy with what they love.

April Ehrlich

One Short

Nobody was listening. They stared at their feet...

Caleb Walter Reed

One Poem

his eyes the pink of quartz, / his smell the scent of sound

Chelsey Weber-Smith

Four Poems

The world's a booby-trap! / We're caught in a prank of cartoon proportions

Miller Oberman

Four Poems

If I am not in the vastness of this sleep-country who is?

Hajara Quinn

One Poem

letting myself go / like a yolkth

Brandon Shimoda


Still the face was there...

Jocelyn Macdonald

One Poem

as ordinary as the planets moving / as living as flowers in a vase / as grand as learning your own

Justin Rogers

Five Poems

Safety doesn’t grow on our tongues, / is only an infected piercing / handed down to our children.

Patricia No

Five Poems

I’m looking past where the water / meets the sky I mean I’m trying / to name the bigger light.

Christine Shan Shan Hou

Five Poems

If communication is not your strong suit / Then try again / Try harder

Donald Dunbar

Nine Poems

Only two of my students remember peacetime, most don’t remember / 9/11; she’s like, “I was five..

Sarah Galvin

Three Poems

I know I will be 30 in two months / because the Parks Concierge is jaywalking.

Stephanie Adams-Santos

Two Poems

When I woke again // I looked and looked / as into an infinite series

Maged Zaher

Three Poems

We will still enter beneath the arc— / And get caught pretending about life

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