Jennifer Firestone

from Gates & Fields

The light took its greatest speed the light ran and ran

The language is failing at its first birth
moments before it doesn’t have a chance
it gasps for air and then fills imploding
it doesn’t have a chance yet the mind requires
its running, closing the clasp over and over

Before the last look a mouth flutters open   oh   oh
When was the mind relieved
Before or after such looks of horror   The machine regulating   I do see   I do
Like the worst plot    that deathly glance
And then she too fell wisely

And like the weather say you
The timeliness of day   Chimes
Dusk to dawn to
The oldest sun returns

Or what will grow numerously
In the hostile room where white appears
Food shoots through pipes
The moss laying bare its body

The sight of
The bones baring
He a

The room contains
Feeling, how a room
The body fixed
The mind

The body fixed
The room it

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