if there is a single whorl of leaves, one umbel

I can trace my
history along
a meandering line
through pre-
determined flatness
even in
green space or
in between
forms: a rock
a leaf
a mushroom
I dreamt
instead of going
to the ocean
I came out of it
the same way
my mind wanders
never far
from home

if the flowers are urn-shaped

if I could delete
this map I think
I’d fail better
without the grid
the pointer
to constant
boxes we’re
forced into
just so we can
celebrate an opening
or another little wedding
between deaths
each time
a window opens
I hope for
a thunderstorm
& petrichor
to divorce us from our
omnivorous voices
lying in the bed
we started to make
I envy spring’s
green shoots

if the flowers are yellow with petals showy & leaves deeply slashed

a distant yellow
that hum of bees
& alighting
these frequencies
a continuum
skipping across
my tongue
my window
my waves
me waving
there are times
my body
bruises against
perennial borders
all nature is
is this natural
I think if only I’d
[dug a deeper bed]
over & over

if the flowers are rose-purple

we overlap
we part
we meet
our needs
are simple
I simply
require light
& dark
winter days
are a matter
of remembering
precarity itself
its shades
may vary
may carpet
moist woods

if the flowers are irregular (having petals of different shapes)

the difference
lies here
in presence
& absence
am I complete
or incomplete
at times I forget
I rely on
being infinite
there is no need
to attract
in just-spring
the season
gives & opens
like a mouth
I petal against
& empty into

if the flowers are crimson with a fringe at the lip

a trimming
says nothing
of unraveling
just as the hem
of my skirt
might conceal
inflorescences or
tender storms
in longitudinal waves
I only bloom
in a certain warmth
in my pockets
gather my many

Heidi Reszies

Heidi Reszies is a poet and multidisciplinary artist living in Richmond, VA. She received her MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and was a 2015 James Merrill Poetry Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in BOAAT, Forklift Ohio, FORTH Magazine, LEVELER, SUSAN the Journal, La Vague Journal, and Queen of Cups. She currently serves as Design Director and Chapbook Series Editor at H_NGM_N Books, and is the founder of Artifact Press, publisher of limited edition poetry chapbooks and pamphlets that are typeset by hand and letterpress printed using an antique Kelsey platen press and Challenge proof press.

Photograph by Christie MacLean


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