Kim Selling

The transition of my hair color from "dying beta fish" to "old denim" now to "cigarette ash in blue raspberry slurpee"

Breaking a six foot mirror over my entire bedroom and cleaning it up shard by shard

Buying my first pair of jeans (to go with my hair) in a decade

Sampha finally dropping a full-length this year, Process

Working next to a restaurant where I can get a taco salad delivered to me in a pizza box

The Great British Bake-Off is the most blissful show I've ever seen and I just watched all three seasons and I still don't know what a pudding is but I really like that British people call them "puds"

When you order a side of beans at Taqueria Tequila in Greenwood, they give you a deep pool of refried beans stretched across a full dinner plate

Our new cat, Judy Lunchbox, who looks exactly like Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Chicken on the internet

Listening to Guayaba's EP Black Trash/White House over & over & over again

Gramma Editors

xo - g


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