Rae Armantrout + Kate Greenstreet

Poem + Video

stunned by all that had been, evidently, intended

Cicelia Ross-Gotta

I Love You Are You Okay

i just want to know / that you're OK

Shane van Hayden, Deborah Poe + Hassen Saker

Weekly Gramma 06282017

Anastacia-Reneé + Donald Dunbar

from (v.) and Safe Word

your baby pigeon is out in the world

Alice Notley

Live from Seattle Arts & Lectures

I had to make the entire history of literature exist in me in order to be able to do anything at all

Stacey Tran

Excerpts from Soap for the Dogs

Adult man / pours milk / into beer mug / / / / / / Satisfaction

Amaranth Borsuk

Elegy facing crochet holes and knit slubs with running stitch

of you

Zachary Schomburg

They Vow to Be Dragons

Aspen Farer + Coleman Stevenson

“The Tilting Horizon Over the World Full of Holes” from The Doppelgänger Museum Exhibit Catalogue

For The Fear of Empty Space is a real and serious thing.

Matthew Klane + Justin Edward Moore

Text + Image

Andrew Foster Glei


I was angry for it ...

Kate Greenstreet

Audio: 2 poems from the end of something

I suddenly recognized the past / / / I thought of all the times I didn't die

James Yeary


That's real futurism ...

Veronica Martin


a field plays itself as a field of flowers

Zan de Parry

Text + Sound

He made a seven with his hands

kjirsten severson

FROM an unnarrated memoir

Robert Fernandez

Like Some Boys

Courage is Light and Heat OH Yes

Rory Ou


lifeboats / are falling asleep

Shayla Lawson

Excerpts from Ti Ador(n)o: il Arlecchino

He was the Robert Bly / of ...

Francesca Capone

Translation: Weaving + Text

Recent Editor's Picks

Jennifer Hayashida + Emily Sieu Liebowitz


Work from Gramma's 2017 Open Reading Period Winners

Anastacia-Reneé + Donald Dunbar

from (v.) and Safe Word

your baby pigeon is out in the world

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