"brb", by Shane van Hayden

"Loose Canyon #7", by Shane van Hayden

"10th to the 17th", by Shane van Hayden

"Solastalgia", by Deborah Poe + Hassen Saker

Shane van Hayden, Deborah Poe + Hassen Saker

Shane van Hayden's work has appeared in M Review, Industrial Lunch, Pretty Owl Poetry, and Telefon Poems 2016. He is currently a student in the Portland State MFA poetry program. He is this close to finishing.

Deborah Poe has authored numerous books of poetry, including keep (forthcoming from Dusie Press) and Elements (Stockport Flats). Her work frequently focuses on place, and in April 2016 at Friday Harbor Laboratories’s Whitely Center, she began a new poetry manuscript on climate change and migration, provisionally titled “Empathy” and from which her poem “Solastalgia” comes.

Hassen Saker is a transmedia creator/performer working with texts, video, audio, & photography. She’s also a documentary filmmaker with experience in sustainable business & with various non-profits like Natalie Jeremijenko’s Environmental Health Clinic at NYU. Saker’s poetry triptych, Sky Journal, was published in 2014 by Dusie Press & her book, Consolation Snacks, is forthcoming from Furniture Press. She is currently in production of two documentary feature films – Dog Feed Dog and The Invisible Dog.


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