from JUNK

Yesterday Science said Well, we’ve conducted a study and think
medicinal smoke may eliminate certain airborne bacteria

Science, NDNs have smudged for thousands of years Why do
you always think you bring the truth I’ve been using the word

“aromatic” to refer to ideas that unfold like wine I’m at Shake
Shack with Andrew bc cheese fries r the spell of our generation

and I’m lookin to conjure Purity is so fascist Everyone is goin
on a juice cleanse rn Tho I dew love a diet Quitting is the best

The gentle thrill of hooky I HAVE A JUNKY DIET I consume all
the colors of our omnivorous rainbow More accurately: I am

Kumeyaay As such part of me is confrontation and part of
me in denial This is what I call survival A bulgy dude presses

fingertips to hips in front of me Rocks to and fro Some ppl just
need to be told No more often I’m in every gay love triangle in

Brooklyn: I like You, You like Him, He likes Me: I like tall guys,
You prefer blondes, He’s a leg man We die by the hilt of our

turn-ons but the sword tips Just the tip Who can you talk
to the way you talk to yr therapist I’m not going to just deny

a donut unless sex in the derriere is comin later Everywhere
smells like hot cheese and no one seems bothered but me Sad

Slut Sorry for Stealing Sixty Cent Stamps from the Post Office
this Snowy Sunday I’ve no investment in yr sizeable manhood

except it looks so good catching moonlight, then my mouth The
bananas are dying and this is not a metaphor Cheeply made is

synonymous with vulnerable to disease, in agricultural terms
Homogeneity breeds blind spots Commercially produced yellow

penis proxies are clones and share the same backdoors How do
you slip into a banana You have to start before it’s born What

peach doesn’t love flesh How long can you keep it together It
falls away It falls away it falls nm too healthy Gummy bears

harden in the open air You expect me to tie bananas into the
narrative I expected my Ancestors wd b treated like human

beings Coil and release Anger is another biting thing A smooth
seething But seductive for its clarity, like pain Writer ppl say

We’re post narrative, post characters, post enthusiasm, post
structure, post connection, post meaning I too have the Internet

She introduces plants to Janet Jackson The scroll is both pre &
post page Pages are kind of quaint, no? It’s defeating, so much

older than I was 15 yrs ago & for a breakup to feel like the first
one Is this time travel? My tolerance is cry baby I wd very much

like it Very much beg u dunk yr front junk into my back junk
Sober daytime sex is the nakedest It was hotter then Our bodies

aromatic as cracked something Everyone, you said, knows
their number unless it changes Like losing oodles of weight or

suddenly becoming middle class When things change hands
their designation depends on intent, like leather It’s easy 2 over-

look a mass’s deviations and particulars as an outsider I’m
saying: strain (in general [to pasta]) The taste is basic but the

mouth feel like a mushroom of foam mattresses I finally get
haiku Simplicity that exposes its breast bone, the more un-

compounded Tho as Junk I’m less an element n more the
entire periodic table I’m from a place where ppl became

garbage A pile to remove Junk is an upgrade Poverty is like this:
You keep everything until the wheels fall off and then you eat

the wheels I go dull in the dull blast of words Let’s address this
now: being broke is not the same as being poor Poverty is a

trauma it sticks Mangled I sort of loved digging you/up Fig-
uring out how to make a sad person laugh is my daily task, so I

enjoyed the challenge Forgive me if you’ve heard this one: Who
will save your stole? Don’t try me dummy, I’m not in the mood

Tommy Pico

Tommy “Teebs” Pico is author of IRL (Birds, LLC, 2016), Nature Poem (forthcoming 2017 from Tin House Books), and the zine series Hey, Teebs. He was a Queer/Art/Mentors inaugural fellow, 2013 Lambda Literary fellow in poetry, 2016 Tin House summer poetry scholar, and has poems in BOMB, Guernica, and the Offing. Originally from the Viejas Indian reservation of the Kumeyaay nation, he now lives in Brooklyn and co-curates the reading series Poets With Attitude (PWA) with Morgan Parker. @heyteebs

Cover image by Ash Ponders


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