April Ehrlich

One Short

Nobody was listening. They stared at their feet...

Caleb Walter Reed

One Poem

his eyes the pink of quartz, / his smell the scent of sound

Chelsey Weber-Smith

Four Poems

The world's a booby-trap! / We're caught in a prank of cartoon proportions

Miller Oberman

Four Poems

If I am not in the vastness of this sleep-country who is?

Hajara Quinn

One Poem

letting myself go / like a yolkth

Brandon Shimoda


Still the face was there...

Jocelyn Macdonald

One Poem

as ordinary as the planets moving / as living as flowers in a vase / as grand as learning your own

Justin Rogers

Five Poems

Safety doesn’t grow on our tongues, / is only an infected piercing / handed down to our children.

Patricia No

Five Poems

I’m looking past where the water / meets the sky I mean I’m trying / to name the bigger light.

Christine Shan Shan Hou

Five Poems

If communication is not your strong suit / Then try again / Try harder

Donald Dunbar

Nine Poems

Only two of my students remember peacetime, most don’t remember / 9/11; she’s like, “I was five..

Sarah Galvin

Three Poems

I know I will be 30 in two months / because the Parks Concierge is jaywalking.

Stephanie Adams-Santos

Two Poems

When I woke again // I looked and looked / as into an infinite series

Maged Zaher

Three Poems

We will still enter beneath the arc— / And get caught pretending about life

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