Jamondria Harris

Four Poems

these are warm days and she / sits heavy-hipped in plastic

Timmy Straw

One Poem

Bite hot what has no eros

Ali Power

One Poem

We spend the night in lawn chairs / coming down/inhaling cream peach

Stacey Tran

Three Poems

I toss a pocket full of darts out the car window

Urayoán Noel

Poem + Video

its immigrant roots / and hedge fund rot



... and blue smoke fills our eyes

Gramma Editors

Editors' Picks 001

Sara Deniz Akant

Three Poems

those Chandler eyes tho bro

Emily Hunt

Three Diptychs

Roland Dahwen Wu

Interview: Michael Harper + Roland Dahwen Wu

Alyson Provax

Text + Essay

can be indefinite

Natalie Briggs

Two Poems

Tommy Pico

One Poem

Purity is so fascist Everyone is goin / on a juice cleanse rn Tho I dew love a diet

Seth Paradox

Three Poems

The face of the destroyer / Cannot stay / The people are leaping too loudly

Aubrey Gates King

Four Poems

Bill looked into / the customerʼs eyes / with accidental sincerity

Lee Herrick

Three Poems

Maybe the next passenger will know / what I do not: 64 down, five letters, Purpose.

Joseph Mains

One Poem

By a wave of hands / let’s say who is happy with what they love.

April Ehrlich

One Short

Nobody was listening. They stared at their feet...

Caleb Walter Reed

One Poem

his eyes the pink of quartz, / his smell the scent of sound

Chelsey Weber-Smith

Four Poems

The world's a booby-trap! / We're caught in a prank of cartoon proportions

Recent Editor's Picks

Jennifer Hayashida + Emily Sieu Liebowitz


Work from Gramma's 2017 Open Reading Period Winners

Anastacia-Reneé + Donald Dunbar

from (v.) and Safe Word

your baby pigeon is out in the world

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