Veronica Martin


a field plays itself as a field of flowers

Ana Božičević


I began to erase / My browser history / Every five minutes

Shelly Taylor

Four Poems

Whereupon firecrackers and the world ignites, I stayed in bed all day

Vi Khi Nao

Four Poems

There is a place on earth where people / can't wander in and out of each other.

Zan de Parry

Text + Sound

He made a seven with his hands

kjirsten severson

FROM an unnarrated memoir

Anthony Madrid

One Poem

Flying ants. And here come the cops.

Graham Hunter Gregg

One Poem

i butter both sides

Matt Nelson

One Poem

Like the world isn’t a TSA agent / forced to work through their lunch.

Andrea Blancas Beltran

Eight Poems

And look, there / are their ribs in the riverbeds.

John Colasacco


we are dripping / with the water they / drowned in

Brittany Rogers

Three Poems

Magical girls don’t die of broken / hearts


Three Poems

Spoiler Alert / I lived

Ajanae Dawkins

Three Poems

Someone could have done the work / Without the drunken storm.

Siaara Freeman

Four Poems

i treat the stalker like the stalker does not exist

Justin Rogers

Three Poems

Many are the afflictions / of the buck

Noel Quiñones

Two Poems

each finger / a child with too many eyes

Anhvu Buchanan + Brent Piller

Four Poems

Good evening stillness, do I worry too much or you not enough?

Christopher Soto/Loma

Interview: Christopher Soto/Loma + Michael Harper

I listen to poetic impulse with the parenthesis and brackets.

Marie Landau

Four Poems

Your portrait this wet sound

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Anastacia-Reneé + Donald Dunbar

from (v.) and Safe Word

your baby pigeon is out in the world

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