David Ishaya Osu

Two Poems

i'd do my nails / and use water to / know about my / body.

Mark Leidner

Two Poems

Honestly, I was leaning toward volunteering

Lauren Moore

One Poem

her portrait beaming / from the shining backs / of the napkin dispensers

Ellen Welcker

Five Poems

Progress is the great lie of my species

Gramma Editors

Editors' Picks 003

Kate Greenstreet

Audio: 2 poems from the end of something

I suddenly recognized the past / / / I thought of all the times I didn't die

Marcus Slease

Three Poems

This poem is for the machines.

Scherezade Siobhan

Two Poems

let us begin by blessing the mouth into a massacre.

Madeline Rose Williams

One Poem

... loved that duck.

James Yeary


That's real futurism ...

A.M. O'Malley

Dear Brother,

I held / you when you / were the size / of a pan of / lasagna.

Dao Strom

One Poem

are you ready to get a little / more comfortable / with your un- / comfort

Laura Jaramillo

FEAST (from Making Water)

My imagination will walk in the City of Women / for life, weaving garlands

Nick Demske

Three Poems

I'm crying. Even though I know it's a brobro no no.

Veronica Martin


a field plays itself as a field of flowers

Ana Božičević


I began to erase / My browser history / Every five minutes

Shelly Taylor

Four Poems

Whereupon firecrackers and the world ignites, I stayed in bed all day

Vi Khi Nao

Four Poems

There is a place on earth where people / can't wander in and out of each other.

Zan de Parry

Text + Sound

He made a seven with his hands

kjirsten severson

FROM an unnarrated memoir

Recent Editor's Picks

Gramma Editors

Editors' Picks 003

Brittany Rogers

Three Poems

Magical girls don’t die of broken / hearts

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