If I Ever Finish This Book of Poems

I’ll deliver the first run right to your door

Lie you down    pile them high

Crown you with page 37

Rest them on your sparrow hands    turned eagle hands

Glass hips and eyes    Lit up

  Earlobe brushing page 84

Let you sign every copy with a lick    I’m glad    we don’t

Live in the same city

Everybody Needs You

Fucking myself in my living    room wearing my girl

   friends grey bathrobe    I look at the dog

Dog looking
out the window

Water boiling on the stove    shower faucet falling

      Like it does

I don’t look up to the task       of sexuality

Watching the shorts for movies that never get released

My movie    would be different this bathrobe    is amazing

Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs is a queer poet and artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

Cover image by Ash Ponders


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