We Could Have Gone on Forever

Sun turns Black son, on fire. Moon, Black girls who make magic out of their darkness.

Blood, oozing sap that stains the floors of the universe. When constellations are lungs, your whole life is a puzzle, a maze and maybe, you never solve it.

I am from a country that knows my people as dark matter. I am from a mouthful of cancerous astronomy.

We've leaked through our craters. Assigned Black mothers wombs as black holes, I know, what it's like to dance with oxygen.

To be on the edge of a skydive into endless pit. I know the taste of heat, bone and flesh converted into ash. Know how it feels to shine and then lose power, all in one second.

America, we have lost the fuel in the stars of our flag. Have stolen the rockets to freedom, given my people a bowl of nothingness.

How do you expect us to bury stars that still want to glow? Rust their brightness with soil?
How do you put bullets into souls that are not done orbiting? Turn solid skull to gum.

I hold my breath, hold my stomach and watch stars get handpicked from the sky. Watch tears trickle down the corners of pitch black canvas.

I swallow breath lost, lose the last of my innocence. I cannot keep watching beauty plummet.
We are a universe hissing with funerals.
Bodies that skydive into endless pit, nameless.


The neighborhood is ovulating.
Flooded with fertile soil.
It yearns. Wants to know
she gave birth to something,
that her babies have not left her.
She hears the stories of other women.
Central District was split at the tongue.
Yesler begged for her life.
South End has dreams she’s the next victim.
The neighborhood has been told to lie down.
Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. To wake
with crooked operation
on her hyphenated body.

Leija Farr

Leija Farr is an 18-year-old poet from Seattle, WA, and is Seattle's first Youth Poet laureate. She became serious about poetry after winning a spoken word contest at the age of 12 with a piece on teens and drugs. Since then she has experienced various speaking engagements. She is a contributing writer for KUOW’s Radioactive as well as past participant in Young Urban Authors program, which helped to publish her first poetry book, Battered Yet Beautiful. Her book Outweigh The Gravity was published while the youth laureate at Penmanship Books.


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