This sunset
is really eating
me out
is an uncouth
phrase I am
permitted to
say when
I’m with you
and we’ve worked
through a long
summer day
and the coolth
of the evening
is just beginning to break
over our foreheads
with the crispth
of an iceberg
I love you and not
just because you
have sliced the roundth
of the honey
melon and have brought
it to me where I am
lying in the long now
of the backyard
letting myself go
like a yolkth.

Hajara Quinn

Hajara Quinn lives in Portland, OR. She is an assistant editor for Octopus Books, Program Director at the IPRC, and author of the chapbook Unnaysayer (Flying Object 2013). Her poems have appeared in Gulf Coast, The Volta, and Sixth Finch, and she is a recipient of a 2015 Oregon Literary Fellowship. Coolth, her first full length collection, is forthcoming from Big Lucks Books in 2017.


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