Sometimes people ask
what it’s like inside this age
I am very qualified
to discuss myself
in my wrongness
if personal mythology
is interesting to anyone

Of course I get scared out there
and at that same age I found you
I wrote my world around you
and got teeth every night
all of them silver

I chewed through
my memories of you

The yous of every city

Country Song

A handsome person I knew was now
The item of a handsome bone
That’s okay
I always felt hideous in front of bone

So I went home permanently
Drank all this chocolate milk
Had a regular time
And it normally rained outside

On TV I watched the sparkle shit she sang about
I felt shame about these plain things
I do and how I dress them up
And watch myself dressing

I felt I was nothing
To celebrate

Having nothing
I wouldn’t frame my day
Or make a presentation
Of my bones

I would set up half a puzzle
Then break it on the floor


My friends let me out
this way. My friends
who always say something
is the same as some other
thing the original thing is
actually unlike. Like

 real love is
plexiglass in mattress.
Or conversation
knife on a multi-tool.
Or better still heartache
sweet ass on the floor.

What do you mean my friends
who cannot contract.

making me so patient but only
so so. If you stretch your mouths
will it hold the laughs
you mouth, etc.

   My friends who
think about an in in which
they could’ve something something.
How that shiner redoes. How
my XXX weighs a ton.

       Oh it is
like it is they say. My friends
for whom is is.

The Vermonter

I put hands on its steel
it fussed in place
hardened my fingers
it stormed metallic
over the bridge the water
frozen purple you too ran
along the moon and we loved
each other and the people inside
they felt their own hands

It is not my train
but I wait for it at night
and am stubborned by its sandmass
when I did flesh out
supine on the tracks
the nettle-dredged going train gored and grabbed
oh for you I destroy
all trains and ride every

Hounds halloo
bark back trains
in the dim morning
do I then fear you
never may dismount
these tracks unfold
and very bullish
I pad after trains panting after
people on whichever train
to wherever I love you
on the train staring out

at the windowed woods
the fragile moony ice
the lake water tainted is not my lake
the autumn lake of disconnect
thank you you left me
behind with love

Listen: Blood Keeper (Liz Phair Cover)

Sadie Dupuis

Sadie Dupuis is a poet and a multi-instrumentalist. She is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and lyricist for the band Speedy Ortiz. In November 2016 she released a solo album, Slugger, under the name Sad13.


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