Anhvu Buchanan + Brent Piller

Four Poems

Good evening stillness, do I worry too much or you not enough?

Marie Landau

Four Poems

Your portrait this wet sound

Jonathan Swerdlick

Five Poems

Impression without reason = pixels.

Wendy Chin-Tanner

Four Poems

to live my / life inside / this walnut

Christopher Citro + Dustin Nightingale

Two Poems

Imagine every day I wake up I am happy that I woke up.

Jackie Clark

Three Poems

Sorting out your endless identities / Jesus, your identities

Elizabeth Schmuhl

Seven Poems

We are going to the post office and buying forever stamps / and placing them on our lips.

Allyson Paty

from No Answer

my daydreams became a foretaste / and a first delight

Naima Karczmar


The photograph is of her, heavily pregnant in the front seat of a U-haul

Eric Tyler Benick

Five Poems

Many low and soft amplitudes / Make up the parts of things that people wonder about

Heidi Reszies

Six Poems

am I complete / or incomplete / at times I forget

Anis Mojgani

One Poem

There is more to the story but not here.

Emily Skillings

Two Poems

When I ask the people my age / what they do / it gets very vague and funny

Nathan Wade Carter

Three Poems

so little butter over so much bread

Jessica Helen Lopez

One Poem

The smoke, gutwrenchboil.

Raul Alvarez

Two Poems

Our insides shift from serotonin / to broken and back

Laura Sullivan Cassidy

Two Poems

Right now what I’m trying to say is: I don’t think there is anywhere left to go.

Evan Kennedy

Seven Essays

Shot into me is the writing of someone I never knew who died in the epidemic.

Diana Morán

Three Poems

we serve the convictions of swallows, / the roaches smile with the / thought

Cynthia Arrieu-King

Two Poems

The Gulf Stream itself petering out and no one seems to say so but stewardesses

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Anastacia-Reneé + Donald Dunbar

from (v.) and Safe Word

your baby pigeon is out in the world

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