David Ishaya Osu

Two Poems

i'd do my nails / and use water to / know about my / body.

Mark Leidner

Two Poems

Honestly, I was leaning toward volunteering

Lauren Moore

One Poem

her portrait beaming / from the shining backs / of the napkin dispensers

Ellen Welcker

Five Poems

Progress is the great lie of my species

Marcus Slease

Three Poems

This poem is for the machines.

Scherezade Siobhan

Two Poems

let us begin by blessing the mouth into a massacre.

Madeline Rose Williams

One Poem

... loved that duck.

A.M. O'Malley

Dear Brother,

I held / you when you / were the size / of a pan of / lasagna.

Dao Strom

One Poem

are you ready to get a little / more comfortable / with your un- / comfort

Laura Jaramillo

FEAST (from Making Water)

My imagination will walk in the City of Women / for life, weaving garlands

Nick Demske

Three Poems

I'm crying. Even though I know it's a brobro no no.

Ana Božičević


I began to erase / My browser history / Every five minutes

Shelly Taylor

Four Poems

Whereupon firecrackers and the world ignites, I stayed in bed all day

Vi Khi Nao

Four Poems

There is a place on earth where people / can't wander in and out of each other.

Anthony Madrid

One Poem

Flying ants. And here come the cops.

Graham Hunter Gregg

One Poem

i butter both sides

Matt Nelson

One Poem

Like the world isn’t a TSA agent / forced to work through their lunch.

Andrea Blancas Beltran

Eight Poems

And look, there / are their ribs in the riverbeds.

John Colasacco


we are dripping / with the water they / drowned in

Noel Quiñones

Two Poems

each finger / a child with too many eyes

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