The Gramma Reading Series

The Gramma Reading Series is focused on presenting accessible and interdisciplinary events, featuring local and national writers, performers, and artists of all disciplines.

Performers from the Reading Series will also host artist lectures in the Frye Museum’s Studio as a series of ancillary events, programmed by Gramma and the Frye.

On Sunday, June 24, Kate Durbin will give a talk focusing on her practice, and highlighting recent works and collaborations. Q&A will follow immediately after. The talk begins at 2 pm.

Reading Series #1
Featuring: Lindy West, Kate Durbin, Stacey Tran
and with a special performance by
Fausto & Cheryl of Au Collective

Hosted by Kim Selling of The Stranger

June 23rd, 2018
7pm Erickson Theater

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Lindy West (born March 9, 1982) is an American writer, comedian and activist. She is the author of the essay collection Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman and a con-tributing opinion writer for The New York Times. Her primary topics include feminism and the fat acceptance movement.

Kate Durbin is a Los Angeles based writer and artist whose books include E! Entertainment (Wonder), The Ravenous Audience (Akashic), and ABRA (1913 Press), a free, interactive iOS app that is "a living text." ABRA won the 2017 Turn On Literature Prize for electronic literature, and was funded by an NEA grant from the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago. Her novella Kim's Fairytale Wedding was recently translated to Spanish and published in Mexico/Spain. In 2015, Durbin was the Arts Queensland Poet-in-Residence in Brisbane, Australia and she is currently a Digital Studies fellow at Camden-Rutgers University.

Cheryl Delostrinos and Fausto Rivera have been dancing and creating work together for almost 10 years. They are graduates of the University of Washington Dance Program, a place where they created a community that would go on to become Au Collective. They are children of immigrants, raised in the PNW, who believe art should be accessible and never a luxury reserved for a few. They dance and teach extensively through out the city, the constant mission being to give back to the communities that helped them thrive and they aspire to use their privilege to create more spaces for people who look like them.

Stacey Tran is a writer from Portland, OR. She is the creator of Tender Table, a storytelling series about food, family, identity. She is the author of Soap for the Dogs (Gramma, 2018).

Kim Selling is an always-nude fat queer femme based in Seattle. She can be found complaining about music for The Stranger, yelling about poetry for Gramma Press, posting a million selfies on her popular Instagram tag #horribleinternetfatgirls, and selling piles of glittering vintage for bunny ranch madams, crop top goths, and lizard queens alike on the World Wide Web.

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