Zachary Schomburg

They Vow to Be Dragons

Aspen Farer + Coleman Stevenson

“The Tilting Horizon Over the World Full of Holes” from The Doppelgänger Museum Exhibit Catalogue

For The Fear of Empty Space is a real and serious thing.

Matthew Klane + Justin Edward Moore

Text + Image

Andrew Foster Glei


I was angry for it ...

Kate Greenstreet

Audio: 2 poems from the end of something

I suddenly recognized the past / / / I thought of all the times I didn't die

James Yeary


That's real futurism ...

Veronica Martin


a field plays itself as a field of flowers

Zan de Parry

Text + Sound

He made a seven with his hands

kjirsten severson

FROM an unnarrated memoir

Robert Fernandez

Like Some Boys

Courage is Light and Heat OH Yes

Rory Ou


lifeboats / are falling asleep

Shayla Lawson

Excerpts from Ti Ador(n)o: il Arlecchino

He was the Robert Bly / of ...

Francesca Capone

Translation: Weaving + Text

Diana Khoi Nguyen

Audio + Visual

mind / ful of / the setti / ing he co / unted off / the seconds

Lori Anderson Moseman

The Anthropocene: A Null Set for Puppets?

piano hammer, a pony / doorstop, a slippery slope

Sophia Le Fraga

climb every mountain ford

Urayoán Noel

Poem + Video

its immigrant roots / and hedge fund rot

Emily Hunt

Three Diptychs

Alyson Provax

Text + Essay

can be indefinite

Brandon Shimoda


Still the face was there...

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Gramma Editors

Editors' Picks 003

Brittany Rogers

Three Poems

Magical girls don’t die of broken / hearts

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