Sarah Galvin is here, she’s queer, and she would like to talk about something else for a moment! After taking a break from poetry to write The Best Party of Our Lives, a book of essays about gay marriages, Galvin’s back with her second book of poems.


Christine Shan Shan Hou’s newest collection of poems, Community Garden for Lonely Girls depicts a journey that traverses imagined histories and various states of consciousness. In Hou’s poems, “the now moves with such glacial intensity”—folkloric myth and cultural detail are weaved together in animated modulation.


Every full-length title Gramma publishes in 2017. 5 books. 64 bucks.


Election Day was originally published online at Daily Gramma on November 8th, 2016. This chapbook version is published in an edition of 500, in collaboration with Publication Studio. Printed with Risograph by Cold Cube Press, hand-sewn. 8 x 5 inches. 9pp.


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