Shelly Taylor

Four Poems

Whereupon firecrackers and the world ignites, I stayed in bed all day

Vi Khi Nao

Four Poems

There is a place on earth where people / can't wander in and out of each other.

Zan de Parry

Text + Sound

He made a seven with his hands

kjirsten severson

FROM an unnarrated memoir

Anthony Madrid

One Poem

Flying ants. And here come the cops.

Graham Hunter Gregg

One Poem

i butter both sides

Matt Nelson

One Poem

Like the world isn’t a TSA agent / forced to work through their lunch.

Andrea Blancas Beltran

Eight Poems

And look, there / are their ribs in the riverbeds.

John Colasacco


we are dripping / with the water they / drowned in

Brittany Rogers

Three Poems

Magical girls don’t die of broken / hearts


Three Poems

Spoiler Alert / I lived

Ajanae Dawkins

Three Poems

Someone could have done the work / Without the drunken storm.

Siaara Freeman

Four Poems

i treat the stalker like the stalker does not exist

Justin Rogers

Three Poems

Many are the afflictions / of the buck

Noel Quiñones

Two Poems

each finger / a child with too many eyes

Anhvu Buchanan + Brent Piller

Four Poems

Good evening stillness, do I worry too much or you not enough?

Christopher Soto/Loma

Interview: Christopher Soto/Loma + Michael Harper

I listen to poetic impulse with the parenthesis and brackets.

Marie Landau

Four Poems

Your portrait this wet sound

Robert Fernandez

Like Some Boys

Courage is Light and Heat OH Yes

Imani Sims + Victorio Reyes Asili


Here we will chew the very fabric / Of red white and blue until / It reflects our image

Jonathan Swerdlick

Five Poems

Impression without reason = pixels.

Wendy Chin-Tanner

Four Poems

to live my / life inside / this walnut

Christopher Citro + Dustin Nightingale

Two Poems

Imagine every day I wake up I am happy that I woke up.

Jackie Clark

Three Poems

Sorting out your endless identities / Jesus, your identities

Krysten Hill

Interview: Krysten Hill + Simone John

Elizabeth Schmuhl

Seven Poems

We are going to the post office and buying forever stamps / and placing them on our lips.

Rory Ou


lifeboats / are falling asleep

Allyson Paty

from No Answer

my daydreams became a foretaste / and a first delight

Naima Karczmar


The photograph is of her, heavily pregnant in the front seat of a U-haul

Eric Tyler Benick

Five Poems

Many low and soft amplitudes / Make up the parts of things that people wonder about

Heidi Reszies

Six Poems

am I complete / or incomplete / at times I forget

Anis Mojgani

One Poem

There is more to the story but not here.

Emily Skillings

Two Poems

When I ask the people my age / what they do / it gets very vague and funny

Shayla Lawson

Excerpts from Ti Ador(n)o: il Arlecchino

He was the Robert Bly / of ...

Gramma Editors

Editors' Picks 002

Francesca Capone

Translation: Weaving + Text

Nathan Wade Carter

Three Poems

so little butter over so much bread

Jessica Helen Lopez

One Poem

The smoke, gutwrenchboil.

Raul Alvarez

Two Poems

Our insides shift from serotonin / to broken and back

Diana Khoi Nguyen

Audio + Visual

mind / ful of / the setti / ing he co / unted off / the seconds

Laura Sullivan Cassidy

Two Poems

Right now what I’m trying to say is: I don’t think there is anywhere left to go.

Lori Anderson Moseman

The Anthropocene: A Null Set for Puppets?

piano hammer, a pony / doorstop, a slippery slope

Evan Kennedy

Seven Essays

Shot into me is the writing of someone I never knew who died in the epidemic.

Diana Morán

Three Poems

we serve the convictions of swallows, / the roaches smile with the / thought

Cynthia Arrieu-King

Two Poems

The Gulf Stream itself petering out and no one seems to say so but stewardesses

Sophia Le Fraga

climb every mountain ford

Victorio Reyes Asili

Two Poems

to the rant, / for the rant, / and by the / rant

Leija Farr

Two Poems

I know, what it's like to dance with oxygen

Julia Cohen + Abby Hagler

Four Poems

February. When all the truck rallies / dig up the lilac's frozen motor.

Anastacia Reneé

Three Poems

all you can revolution up is / / no

Imani Sims

Two Poems

never realize swallow / until feet bottom / out

Paul Longo

Five Poems

and wake from the coma a lefty

Robert Lashley

Five Poems

The glass start to shut out all rain and skies / and his cherubim cheeks betray him.

Roberto Montes

Four Poems

Thank god for weakness / Thank god for futility / My hair will outlast me

Emmalea Russo


I’ve cut the word sick, and any of its synonyms, from my vocabulary.

Jamondria Harris

Four Poems

these are warm days and she / sits heavy-hipped in plastic

Timmy Straw

One Poem

Bite hot what has no eros

Ali Power

One Poem

We spend the night in lawn chairs / coming down/inhaling cream peach

Stacey Tran

Three Poems

I toss a pocket full of darts out the car window

Urayoán Noel

Poem + Video

its immigrant roots / and hedge fund rot



... and blue smoke fills our eyes

Gramma Editors

Editors' Picks 001

Sara Deniz Akant

Three Poems

those Chandler eyes tho bro

Emily Hunt

Three Diptychs

Roland Dahwen Wu

Interview: Michael Harper + Roland Dahwen Wu

Alyson Provax

Text + Essay

can be indefinite

Natalie Briggs

Two Poems

Tommy Pico

One Poem

Purity is so fascist Everyone is goin / on a juice cleanse rn Tho I dew love a diet

Seth Paradox

Three Poems

The face of the destroyer / Cannot stay / The people are leaping too loudly

Aubrey Gates King

Four Poems

Bill looked into / the customerʼs eyes / with accidental sincerity

Lee Herrick

Three Poems

Maybe the next passenger will know / what I do not: 64 down, five letters, Purpose.

Joseph Mains

One Poem

By a wave of hands / let’s say who is happy with what they love.

April Ehrlich

One Short

Nobody was listening. They stared at their feet...

Caleb Walter Reed

One Poem

his eyes the pink of quartz, / his smell the scent of sound

Chelsey Weber-Smith

Four Poems

The world's a booby-trap! / We're caught in a prank of cartoon proportions

Miller Oberman

Four Poems

If I am not in the vastness of this sleep-country who is?

Hajara Quinn

One Poem

letting myself go / like a yolkth

Brandon Shimoda


Still the face was there...

Jocelyn Macdonald

One Poem

as ordinary as the planets moving / as living as flowers in a vase / as grand as learning your own

Justin Rogers

Five Poems

Safety doesn’t grow on our tongues, / is only an infected piercing / handed down to our children.

Patricia No

Five Poems

I’m looking past where the water / meets the sky I mean I’m trying / to name the bigger light.

Christine Shan Shan Hou

Five Poems

If communication is not your strong suit / Then try again / Try harder

Donald Dunbar

Nine Poems

Only two of my students remember peacetime, most don’t remember / 9/11; she’s like, “I was five..

Sarah Galvin

Three Poems

I know I will be 30 in two months / because the Parks Concierge is jaywalking.

Stephanie Adams-Santos

Two Poems

When I woke again // I looked and looked / as into an infinite series

Maged Zaher

Three Poems

We will still enter beneath the arc— / And get caught pretending about life

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